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In 2030,
Social Networks
will work for you.

FABRK Foundation is committed to a future where the content and attention that you bring online with you is compensated. Social networks must be governed from the bottom up, treating users like the valuable constituents they are, rather than a vulnerable source of private information.

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..the coming era already shows signs of greater digital transparency and increased regulation.


Over the course of the next ten years, FABRK Foundation aims to advance the rules and tools that deliver a safe, fair online ecosystem for users. We know that our vision is inevitable. The social internet is built around users and their content. Yet the surveillance and authoritarianism baked into today’s tech is simply not sustainable: the coming era already shows signs of greater digital transparency and increased regulation.

We will accelerate a user-centric paradigm shift in social network policy and tech. This shift will assure that user-centric business models become the norm in tech rather than the exception.

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The rules & tools:

A Safe & Fair Online Ecosystem

Policy changes are coming. Today, policy in much of the world is written by lobbyists. For tech and big data, some predatory practices and policies are finally meeting with reform. New momentum behind corporate regulation and consumer protection is beginning to emerge. This means greater government and public insight into data monopolies, data breaches, and invasive data collection practices. Developers, users, start ups, and incumbents will all need policy frameworks and innovative tools to stay ahead of the curve in this respect.

Terms of Service you can Trust

If the future of tech policy is to be revised, FABRK Foundation aims to be at the table. It is our belief that policies ensuring user privacy, user choice, and user payment will prevail - and will finally serve to align the interests of corporations and users.

The days when a corporation can view your private messages, collect unlimited browsing data, or foreclose your opportunities to earn money within their platforms are coming rapidly to an end. There is nothing incumbent platforms and data firms can do about this..

There is a technological and a political paradigm shift afoot; it pays ethical and financial dividends to be as far ahead of the game as possible, before government and consumer fingers are pointed at tech’s longest standing offenders.

Why digital currency on the blockchain?

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Credit card monopolies and unnecessary bank fees make paying half a cent for in-app services or actions impossible, even (or especially) if these transactions happen a billion times per day. Digital currency makes low-fee microtransactions possible. As blockchain technology matures, the idea of ubiquitous microtransactions comes within reach, changing the entire economy of online payments for users, developers, and businesses.
Smart contracts that self-execute can eliminate the labor and legal overhead costs that currently make it impossible to automatically distribute small payments in a fair and traceable way.
With these two technologies, it is finally possible to create an economy where users can keep the value they create through content and data. This will transfer a large amount of wealth from tech platforms back to their users and create a proliferation of new user-focused products and services.