Product Ecosystem

FABRK is social network unlocked

FABRK provides several familiar social networking features: content creation, sharing, stickers and chat, and an engaging social feed.

However, there’s something very different about FABRK: it’s the first social network that sends 97% of value to creators after modest transaction costs are used to incentivize the maintenance and operation of the network.

FABRK puts users and developers in

While leading platforms in the US and Europe begin to lose traction, FABRK users are finally getting the social media experience that maximizes participation and creativity.

The People Protocol that makes this decentralized solution possible is elegant - and the outcome is undeniable: FABRK delivers a powerful financial and reputational incentive for the highest quality content creation, targeted sharing, and participation.

Brands users for their attention and labor

Want to view ads? You get paid by the advertiser or ad marketplace directly. Brands you love may even wish to contract you for product evangelism, details on your product purchases and product posts, survey responses, or other services - a feature that rewards consumers and influencers at a higher level for interactive ads that capitalize on brand loyalty and user interests.

Privacy built around needs

On FABRK, developers compete to build interfaces and shortcuts that allow you to easily find the best privacy settings for you - and can gauge your earnings or ad metrics alongside privacy priorities. By default, users can adopt the public privacy or earnings settings of any trusted friend or organization.